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Best Biscuit joiner for all professions- Biscuit joiner reviews

A biscuit joiner is good wood working equipment that is used to fasten two different pieces of wood together. It can also be referred to as a plate joiner. In cases where you want efficiency, speed and accuracy in joining two or more pieces of wood together and you don’t want to use the common tools like the nails, screws and bolts, then all you need is nothing else than  a biscuit joiner.  Biscuit joiners have been crafted to give you precision and convenience in the task of joining woods together. One of the striking beauties of the biscuit joiner is that you can make internal plunges with it, thus hiding the joining points and completely securing the wood pieces. The biscuit joiner comes very handy when you join pieces of wood together and you don’t want persons to see the joiners. It works in a simple way of cutting a slot in a wood. This is to make possible the inserting of a small piece of wood – the biscuit into the two or more materials to be joined so that the wood joint can be secured. Biscuits are in various forms and sizes depending on the material types to be fitted together.

Another great feature of the biscuit joiner is the availability of a fence system that comes with. This feature allows the individuals using it to produce angled cuts. You can easily see the precise depth and decide on the type of cut that will perfectly and tightly fit the biscuit. The use of biscuit joiner is most suitable and commonly used for building furniture, the exterior and interior trims of furniture, table tops, door panels, face frames, furniture backs, post wraps and deck planters. There is a wide and varied collection of biscuit joiner in the market. Most times, it seems pretty difficult to select the right one to go for. But that end to such thorough search has been put to an end. In this article, we have taken the stress off you. We have done an extensive and thorough search on the best biscuit joiner for professionals and we have come up with a list of the ones most suitable for you. The list of the best biscuit joiner has enough power to do the work for you easily and accurately. A good biscuit joiner has the best features of efficiency, durability, accuracy, and simplicity of use. This list of the best biscuit joiner has all these features common to all.

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Dewalt DW682K Biscuit Joiner

If you are on the lookout a biscuit joiner that is one of the best, reliable and most affordable, then you have this Dewalt DW682k. It has been simply manufactured with balance being put in place. It is so powerful that it has a power capacity of 6.5A and a 10,000rpm motor speed that can easily buzz away with any task. With this ability, any kind of wood material can be easily worked upon – even the hardest of all woods. It has also been designed with the feature of two rack and pinion fence so that the blade and the fence can be kept at parallel positions at all times. With this, you are guaranteed of a perfectly symmetrical and accurate joint. This biscuit joiner is so flexible that you can effortlessly craft flush cuts at zero degree position without bordering about removing the fence. The 45-degree position option in the fence makes it pretty easy when indexing off the joint. There is a heavy-duty aluminum shoe that helps to keep the joiner clamped down if you need a stationary work. This biscuit joiner is very reliable, durable and stable. Hence, it is ideal for all kinds of heavy-duty jobs at all times.

The advantages

  1. It is as versatile for all kinds of wood type as it has a balance feature of rotating adjustments.
  2. It is very adjustable to any kind of job.
  3. It comes with an affordable price.
  4. You can easily retract if you make a mistake or misjudge your objective while working.
  5. It gives convenience with the fence being designed in only one-piece.

The disadvantages

  1. It can be challenging for users when doing repeatable cuts.
  2. It only works upon starting only when the handle is pressed down.


Porter Cable 5577 Biscuit Joiner

The portable cable 5577 is a market leader and a top biscuit joiner commonly used by individuals. It is custom designed with a feature of a motor with a 7A capacity. Thus, it is able to rotate blades at over 9,900 rpm. It comes with a fence that can easily slide in the degree ranges of 0 to 135, thus give it a topmost flexibility feature. When you are working with standard projects, this biscuit joiner has a beautiful adjustable stop at 90 degrees. It has been made with seven cutting settings. So, it is available readily to deal with the task of cutting all kinds and sizes of wood. The blade which is 4” in size is best for making standard sized cuts. The center plate it comes with helps to keep it in a parallel position at all times while working. The adjustable knob will give you accurate biscuit positioning irrespective of the nature of jobs. Its light weight, premium control, versatility, efficiency and flexibility makes it users’ favorite.

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The advantages

  1. It is very easy to handle very small cuts.
  2. It has a seven positioning depth stops for all kinds of job.
  3. It has a lock-on trigger for precise readings and perfect stability.
  4. It is ideal for face-frame biscuits as it comes with the unusual 2” blade.
  5. The handle is attached to the hand thereby increasing stability.

The disadvantages

  1. Users usually do have issues with the fence’s stability.
  2. It is not preferred by most users because the handle is attached to the motor.


Makita PJ7000 Biscuit Joiner

The Makita PJ700 is a small biscuit joiner yet very powerful when you consider delivery and performance. It has a 5.6A motor that is capable of churning out 11,000 rpm for accurate cutting. It also offers a little flexibility as the rack and vertically positioned fence system that comes with are adjustable and helps in providing several stops to ensure the delivery of accuracy in work. It is designed with a sleek aluminum pivot fence that has stops located at varying degrees of 0, 45 and 90 degrees for easy and standard making of cuts. This biscuit joiner has sixth depth settings feature with an improved handle and larger grip that makes it very simple to handle and stabilize. The body which is smaller in size in comparison with others has been designed with ergonomics in place putting into considerations the suitability of it for long-term use. Also it has been made with an ease of use feature as the fence are easily adjustable. With this and other excellent features, it is a favorite biscuit joiner among users.

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The advantages

  1. The blade cover and lock are designed for quick and easy blade changes.
  2. The pivot fence is sleeker in design, thus giving comfort and convenience to users when working.
  3. It offers so much power than any biscuit joiner.
  4. It gives clear cuts for any kinds of wood including hard and engineered woods.
  5. It is ideal for use by both amateurs and professionals.

The Disadvantages

  1. The binding fence system can become suddenly loose when in prolonged use.
  2. The dust collector does not work efficiently at all angles.


What to consider before buying buying a good biscuit joiner

When selecting a good joiner, do not just focus on price. Set your focus on other factors. It is worthy to note that cheap biscuit joiner struggle with efficiency and performance. Accuracy is very important when using this tool. So, don’t trade off that with something else.

One of the key features to look out for when selecting a biscuit joiner is the centre plate. A center plate helps in bringing alignment to the material with precision. With this, it is guaranteed that the cut you make will be exactly as you want it. Another factor to also look out for is the fence. Fence in a biscuit joiner provides the ability of aligning the machine with accuracy. To get more flexibility, ensure the fence adjustment is below 90 degrees. A very important feature to also consider is the blade size. The right blade size will always produce exact plunge. 4 inch blade sizes are ideal as it can cut most cuts.


If you want neat and efficient joints, there is no other way to go than with a Biscuit joiner. It is the best tool for the easiest and hardest of jobs. With this article, you have been well informed of the potentials of Biscuit joiner. You have seen the various features of the best Biscuit joiners that are suitable for professionals. Some are even recommended for beginners. With this, you have the right information to make the right decision for yourself and a one way checkout. Whichever equipment you prefer, just click on the amazon link for a straight checkout.


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