5 Best Heat Gun For Shrink Tubing

Best Heat Gun For Shrink Tubing

Heat shrink tubing is a part of your everyday life, whether you realize it or not. Phone cards, travel trailers, yachts, and airplanes all benefit from heat shrink tubing. So, what is heat shrink tubing and when would you utilize it?

More often than not, heat shrink tubing is used to shrink down over a point of susceptibility and produce a stable or quasi seal that shields that point of risk. When the heat shrink shrinks into position, it forms a seal that protects the point of vulnerability from moisture, friction, debris, and other contaminants.

Heat guns used to have a preset temperature. That implies there’s a heat gun for heat shrink connectors, a shrink band heat gun, a vinyl wrap heat gun, and an epoxy heat gun. With the advancement of technology, heat guns with customizable temperatures are now available, allowing you to use only one instrument for all of the aforementioned tasks.

How should you heat shrink tubing?

To shrink the tubing, you can use any commercial heat gun or heat shrink oven. The use of an open flame is not suggested since it might produce irregular shrinkage, structural harm, and dielectric breakdown.

Heat shrink tubes with built-in wire guides are available, allowing you to attach them with one hand. Others need you to position the cable by holding both ends. If that’s the case, you’ll need to utilize your heat gun’s hands-free mode to properly seal it.

Before using the heat gun, you should read the instructions included with most heat shrink tubing kits. That way, you’ll know you’re doing it right and won’t waste any heat or cable

Heat Shrink Tubing Melts At What Temperature?

Various temperatures cause heat shrink tubing to melt. To avoid overheating and damaging it, read the packaging directions carefully.

Polyolefin, on the other hand, is the most prevalent material for heat shrink tubes. At roughly 90 ° C., this would normally dissolve. Resin tubing, on the other hand, must be melted at 260°C.

When is it appropriate to employ heat shrink tubing?

Heat shrink provides scouring, cutting, scuffing, and low-impact conditions protection when applied as a protective covering. It can work with almost any conductor design. Heat shrink can also be used to make cable entry coverings that keep the cable safe from the elements.

What do I Look for When Buying my Heat Guns for Heat Shrink Tubing

Consider the following variables when choosing a heat gun for your heat shrink tubing.

1.Temperature control

I choose the heat gun’s temperature operating range based on my needs. I look for a gadget with a relatively low ambient temperature for small crafts and sensitive work. If I require a heat gun for heavy-duty tasks, such as pipe bending, I look for one with a high thermal limit, such as 1,000 ℉.

Heat guns with temperature settings allow me to use a single instrument for all of my tasks. As a result, this is a factor that I think about when making a decision.

2. Brand

When it comes to my tools, I prefer to buy from well-known companies. This is because I know they are well-made and will endure longer than some of their competitors. However, just because I’m on a budget doesn’t mean I won’t consider other options.

3. Durability

This is crucial for both DIYers and professionals, especially when working on many tasks at once. When one of your tools breaks down while you’re working, it might cost you time and money.

Additionally, the firearms must be durable enough to endure the harsh conditions seen on construction and labor sites.

4. Functionality

I prefer a heat gun that is easy to control. This is very significant for me because I have employees who work on-site for long periods. They will be able to achieve more with less fatigue if they have a comfy instrument.

5. Cost of the entire package

I consider the price of a heat gun first, followed by the package. I don’t always choose the most affordable alternative. Instead, I search for the best-value goods.

What are the best Heat Gun for Heat Shrink Tubing 

The best heat guns for heat shrink tubing currently available are listed below.

  1. SEEK ONE SDL-2816 Heavy Duty Hot Air Gun 

This Heavy Duty Hot Air Gun is one of the most viable options for those searching for an easy-to-use heat temperature setting. It can handle temperatures ranging from 120 to 1,200 ℉. By modifying the temperature using the variable control, we may change the output to meet our needs.

The firm included four different nozzles with this product, which is a plus. Two focused nozzles for a directed flow, one deflector nozzle for a long and narrow flow, and one reflector nozzle for uniformly dispersing heat across a surface are included.

The device is easy to operate because of its ergonomic design. It also contributes to increased productivity by preventing strain injuries while in use. It also has an overload protector built-in, which stops the power immediately if it becomes too hot.

The only drawback is that it does not come with an appropriate stand. You must rest the device on its back with the nozzle pointed up to cool it. I don’t believe this is safe because you may accidentally bump against it, causing it to fall and injure yourself.


  • 120 to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit
  • To set the required output temperature, use variable temperature control.
  • Four alternative nozzles are included for different work applications.
  • Ergonomic design can help you operate more efficiently.
  • For safety, the built-in overload protection will shut power.


  • If you need a changeable temperature output, this is a suitable alternative.
  •  With a temperature range of 120 to 1,200 ℉, it can be used in almost any application


  1. Wagner Spray Tech HT400 Heat Embossing Gun

For craft projects, the Wagner Spray Tech is a fantastic heat gun. It has two temperature settings: low is 450 ℃, and high is 680 degrees. These options are ideal for reducing electrical tubes, embossing cards, and other crafts

You can hold it in a variety of ways due to its design. A pencil grip, a palm grip, or even a hand-free stance are all viable options. When used in a pencil grip posture, the heat gun has cool-touch sidebars that make it more relaxing and protect you from burns. These features are beneficial to people who require precision in their work.

Its distinctive angled shape, in addition to its useful functions, allows users to reach confined spots without the use of any equipment. Furthermore, even if you’re working full-time, the product’s 0.7-pound weight will reduce hand tiredness.

This item is unquestionably useful. It does, however, have a low air output, which I noticed. I wish they would allow users to change the device’s output speed so that I could do my tasks more quickly


  • For craft and electrical applications, there are two temperature settings.
  • We can utilize it in any posture thanks to three different grasping options.
  • The cool-touch sidebars make it easy to operate while also protecting you from burns.
  • Access to difficult-to-reach regions is made easier thanks to the unique angle design.
  • The 7-pound weight relieves hand fatigue.


  • This is a fantastic option for folks who enjoy crafting.
  •  It’s lightweight, simple to use, and adaptable to various grip patterns. 


  1. NEU Master Prulde N2190 Hot Air Gun

The NEU Master Prulde N2190 is a wonderful alternative for purchasers who need a heavy-duty heat gun for intensive labor. It’s extremely durable, allowing you to use it at maximum temperature for over 600 hours. That means you can use it all day long without having to worry about it overheating.

It also includes a 6.5-foot power cord. It’s long enough to allow you to roam around freely with this gadget in a large work environment. Furthermore, the handguard shape of the grip gives added safety while working.

The heat gun comes with four nozzle adapters, allowing me to utilize it in a variety of situations. We may use the equipment for shrink wrapping, heating shrink tubes, paint removal, phone application, and more using these nozzles.

But it’s the company’s after-sales service that I find most appealing about this product. They guarantee that if your heat gun breaks down, they will replace it rather than merely repair it.

The lowest temperature setting is 800 degrees F because it’s designed for heavy use. It’s fine for industrial or construction work, but it could be too much for delicate work.


  • Ultra-durable, allowing you to use the gadget at maximum temperature for over 600 hours.
  • The 5-foot power cord provides excellent mobility.
  • The user’s safety is enhanced by the handguard design.
  • Four different nozzles are supplied for different purposes.
  • Excellent customer service, including a replacement guarantee


  • For lightweight applications, the lowest setting of 800 degrees may be too hot.
  • A reliable heat gun like this is crucial, especially when working on large projects.
  •  It can work all day thanks to its extended reliability of 600 hours at maximum temperature.


  1. Wagner Spray Tech HT1000 Heat Shrink Gun

This heat shrink tubing tool has a long life expectancy. Although the frame is composed of a flexible material, it is built to withstand abuse. This item has served me well in the hard environments of construction jobs. For long-term use, it also has a corrosion-resistant nozzle.

It includes a two-speed fan that you can change to determine how much hot air it blows. It also offers a dual temperature setting of 750 and 1,000 degrees F that can be accessed quickly. It’s simple to change the output power and temperature on the fly.

The device’s hanging hook feature is also a plus. It lets you hang it on the wall properly. This will help consumers organize their storage and make it easier to reach the heat gun. This feature can also be used to lower the temperature before saving it in your toolbox.

One thing to keep in mind is that its nozzle is quite good at maintaining heat. Although if you keep it hanging in the air, it takes a long time to cool down. This is a pain if you’re in a hurry.


  • Its lightweight yet sturdy frame can sustain heavy use.
  • The long-lasting nozzle that resists corrosion
  • The dual-temperature switch with quick access allows you to change settings on the fly.
  • You can manage the amount of hot air emitted with the two-speed fan option.
  • Users can hang this device on their wall thanks to the built-in hanging hook.


  • It takes a long time for the nozzle to cool down.
  • The Wagner HT1000 is a good option for those who need a long-lasting electric heat shrink gun. Even if used in difficult situations, it is lightweight and will endure a long time.


  1. FloweryOcean Heat Shrink Tubing

This heat shrink tiny pistol is perfect for my tubing, crafts, and other vital uses. The FloweryOcean Mini Gun is a practical size of 24 cm. It also comes with a little stand that allows you to set it down safely while keeping the nozzle away from your surfaces.

This device’s two vents on either side serve to reduce heat build-up, making it more convenient to carry. Additionally, the device is energy efficient. It has a low watt rating, which makes it energy efficient and helps you avoid expensive electricity bills.

This bundle is also a great value because it includes 328 pieces of shrinkable tubing. They come in various sizes ranging from 1mm to 14mm. You may use the tubing to cover and repair light electrical cables because it comes in a variety of colors.

This small heat pistol, on the other hand, only has one temperature setting: 392 degrees F As a result, while it’s great for crafts and other household projects, it’s not designed for heavy-duty or long-term use.


  • It has a modest stand and a compact dimension of 24 cm.
  • The heat gun’s dual-vent system helps to limit heat build-up
  • It is energy-efficient because of its low watt rating.
  • In the box, you’ll find 328 pieces of large thermal shrink tubing
  • Tubing has sizes from 1 mm up to 14 mm and different colors


  • The operating temperature of 392 ℉ is only suited for light use.

Conclusion on Best Heat Gun For Shrink Tubing

When it involves heat shrink tubing, heat shrink guns are unsurpassed. Employing hair dryers instead of heat guns to shrink various kinds of tubing is insufficient. This is particularly the case when using thick or inflexible tubing

You should buy the best heat gun for heat shrink tubing if you want a professional output. And since you’ve realized what to look for in the best heat gun for hardware, you can find one that meets your requirements.