5 Best Heat Gun for Watercolor Painting

Best Heat Gun for Watercolor Painting

The heat gun is an essential item to have in your arsenal. If you want to dry your watercolor medium, you should use this equipment. If you’re working with mixed media or water, having a heat tool on hand might hasten up the drying process of those areas that get lethargic.

Professionals, crafters, and DIY enthusiasts all need a heat gun, also known as a hot air blower. Heat guns are commonly used to remove paint, weld, and bend polymers. These practical tools, on the other hand, are significantly more adjustable than plastic soldering tools.

Choosing the right heat gun for you, on the other hand, might be challenging, especially with so many alternatives available. Continue reading to learn about the finest water coloring heat guns.

How Long Do Watercolor Paints Take To Dry?

In perfect conditions, such as a dry room, a watercolor painting can dry for as little as 15 minutes. In less-than-ideal conditions, such as low temperatures or heavy humidity, the drying process for watercolor paintings might take several hours.

Can you paint over dry watercolor?

Yes, Gouache Paint can be used to hide flaws, and watercolor can be applied over it to improve the appearance. Watercolor purists may object, and if you use this approach, the area may be visible. Furthermore, using a brush to entirely conceal a dark hue is more difficult.

When looking for a heat gun for watercolor painting, consider the following factors:

1.Quickly heats up: It would be ideal if you could use a heat pistol that heats up as rapidly as possible. Most great heat guns take anywhere from 20 seconds to a few seconds to get ready to use. Any heat gun that takes longer than 2 minutes to heat should be avoided due to the risk of premature failure

2. Power: The effectiveness of a heat gun hinges on its power. A tool with a higher wattage capability is required if you want to cover a wider area or deal with thicker materials. This affects the amount of time you can spend on the gadget at any given moment.

3.Temperature: Your heat gun should have a wide temperature range so that you may use it for a variety of DIY tasks. Most modern devices allow you to modify the temperature whenever you want. Whether or not you need a high-temperature cap, having a long reach ensures that you won’t have any problems with overheating.

4. Safety: Because heat guns produce high air temperatures, their outside material may be prone to injury. To top it off, it has the potential to liquefy. As a result, the material on which the equipment is built must be able to endure the heat.

You should also be aware of the additional health features, which will assist you to avoid overheating so that you may use your heat gun for a longer time.

What are the best heat gun for water color

The best heat guns for watercolor are listed below.

         1. The crafters companion dual speed heat gun

This is a small, foldable heat gun that is only intended for use in craft projects. This instrument is simple to operate and can readily handle watercolor painting. Okay, we can’t deny that this equipment resembles a hairdryer in appearance.

However, it’s a capable tool with multiple fan speeds. This gadget outperforms conventional heat guns since it allows you to control the airflow density while operating. This is the only heat gun on the market with a folding handle, which makes it more portable and convenient to store. This tool has a high-quality plastic outer shell that avoids overheating.

The weight of this heat gun is only 13.6 ounces, making it a robust and pleasingly lightweight heat gun. While working on huge projects, the 6-foot-long power cable allows you more space and freedom..


  • Two different fan speeds
  • Lightweight
  • Temperature: 392 degrees F
  • Handle that folds
  • Simple to store


  • There are no temperature control


    2. Nex mini Heat Gun for watercolor painting

One of the greatest heat guns for watercolor painting is Nex’s. The exterior of this tiny hot air gun is composed of high-quality ABS plastic, which protects it from overheating.

This tool’s interior is constructed of stainless steel. Nex is a powerful 300-watt equipment that is ideal for watercolor painting or basic paint drying. Although this is a small instrument, you cannot judge it.

The heat shrink gun’s wire is 39 inches long, making it easy to maneuver around any large project. This hot air cannon warms up in seconds and quickly reaches temperatures of 200°C/390°F, but you can’t use it for more than 8 minutes at a time.

If you use this heat for more than 8 minutes, the plastic will begin to melt and you may be harmed. You also get a removable protective cap that covers the mouth of the heat gun and prevents it from burning.This tool even includes a kickstand to protect your workspace..


  • Straightforward and long-lasting
  • User-friendly
  • Easy on the wallet


  • It can only be used for a total of 8 minutes.


  1. Wesco 1800W Heat Gun

The Wesco heat gun, for example, is a powerful 1800-watt heat tool with a variety of accessories to perform a variety of jobs. It also offers three temperature settings, allowing you to customize the temperature to meet your needs. 

A high-quality 1800W copper motor is included in this tool, which enables more reliable operation and enough power to swiftly heat up to 1022 degrees Fahrenheit (550°C) in seconds.

If you’re getting it for a watercolor painting or any other home item, this tool will make your task easier. The heat gun is protected from overheating by a built-in protective guard, and it even includes an auto-cut feature that turns off the heat when it becomes too hot to handle.

The 6.6-foot power cable gives you plenty of room to work on any job without having to worry about the power outlet switch. Four Nozzle Attachments, a scraper handle, and three scraper blades are also included. I have no complaints regarding this tool. Suitable for the majority of precise home improvement work, whether indoors or out. It’s ideal for crafts, heat embossing, and many other tasks


  • There are three temperature options available.
  • The Accessory count
  • Powerful
  • User-friendly
  • Durable


  • It has no disadvantage


  1. The Mofa heat air gun

Because Mofa Hot Air Gun is made by one of the most well-known heat gun manufacturers, you can be assured that it is a high-quality gadget.Even though it appears to be little and underpowered, it outperforms several others that are twice or even three times its size and weight.

This machine has one 650-degree heat setting. The finest part about it, though, is that it keeps it reliable throughout; as a result, it is ideal for tasks that require steady warmth.

It contains a 360-Watt motor, one of the tiniest on our list. It does, however, impart some force. Because of its small size and little engine, this warmth weapon is ideal for amusements and artworks, such as applying decorating powders and therapy wraps.

It also provides the ideal temperature for remelting glues and applying electrical psychologist wraps. Melting wax and encaustic painting is popular among artists.


  • Cord is long
  • Exceptionally light
  • Quickly warms up


  • There is no LED/LCD 
  • One temperature setting.


  1. Prulde N2030 Heat Gun for Watercolor Painting

Prulde N2190 is a heat gun project that can perform numerous duties thanks to its strong construction. This single-handed grip type comes with four different accessories, including a briquette-igniting accessory.

When heating big regions, a robust shelf with a built-in front end can help. A wide selection of spouts could help this heat gun business succeed.

It includes a stable integrated stand as well as a synchronized handguard, which can be useful when heating large areas.You can alter the temperature and wind stream, but you won’t be able to tailor the temperature and blower settings for each activity.

As previously stated, this item is on the hotter side, making it improper for some of the more modest and delicate specialty crafts. It’s much better for things like removing paint or loosening a screw held in place.

It’s not our top pick, but it’s a good middle-of-the-road option at a reasonable price. On the rear of this versatile tool is an LCD screen that displays real-time temperature data for precision work.

You’ll also get a complete refund if you don’t like this tool, as well as a new replacement service within two years if anything goes wrong with it. Overall, it’s a fantastic tool at this price point.


  • Controllable temperature
  • Overheating protection and rapid heating
  • Ventilation design with four nozzles and an LCD


  • A little pricey

Conclusion on Best Heat Gun for Watercolor Painting

The top five heat guns for watercolor painting are now complete. As you can see, Craft Companion is the clear winner, grabbing first place and being followed by others. I hope you enjoy this article and will forward it to your colleagues, neighbors, and fellow artists.