5 Best Heat Gun for Window Tinting

Best Heat Gun for Window Tinting

Window tinting is the process of applying or putting a film to the interior of windows (typically in automobiles) to reduce the amount of heat that enters the vehicle. To achieve adequate bonding to the window, apply a heat gun. When it comes to window tinting, selecting the proper heat gun is crucial.

Can I Tint Windows with a Hair Dryer?

No, you’ll need to tint your windows because hair dryers can’t reach high enough temperatures.

Is the noise generated by heat guns excessive?

They can be a little noisy, depending on the gun settings.

How do I Remove Old Paint With a Heat Gun?

Apply a nozzle that concentrates the hot air to the painted area. This warms the paint, making paint removal and film removal easier. Similarly, heating the wallpaper destroys the backing glue, allowing it to be removed from the wall. The film should begin to peel away after only a few seconds of higher degree heat.

How do I Maintain my Window Tint?

Leave your windows rolled up for three to five days after you tint them, and then clean the inside of the glass one week afterward. Simply wipe them down with a gentle cloth or paper towel after a week with any ammonia-free cleaner.

How is Window Tint Applied?

Some window tinters use computerized cutters to trim the tint to fit your vehicle. Others may choose to cut the film as it is being applied. A tint is applied in the following manner:

1  The interiors of the windows have been cleaned carefully.

2 To shape, cut, and prepare the film, the exterior of the window will be used.

3. Any air bubbles within the film will be removed with a heat gun and a card.

4. The tint will be transported to the interior of the window and positioned using soapy water.

5. Any water stuck between the window and the film will be squeegeed away with a firm edge until everything is clear.

Is it possible to tint a window using a hairdryer?

Instead of using a heat gun, use a hairdryer. If you get too excited and raise the temperature, the color will fade quickly. I’ve never seen a hairdryer become hot enough to ruin the color.

A heat gun is recommended, but you may simply use a hairdryer. Professional tinting was once done with hair dryers. While heat shrinking isn’t required for every glass, the more curvature your windows have, the more likely you’ll need to heat shrink the tint to avoid getting your fingers caught in the film.

What to Consider When Purchasing the Best Window Tinting Heat Gun

When choosing and utilizing a heat gun for window tinting, keep the following points in mind.

1.Temperature Range: Your heat gun should have a number of temperature ranges and settings so that you may use it for a variety of tasks. Window tinting is best done at temperatures ranging from 450°C to 650°C. A temperature range of 120°F to 1000°F is recommended for better management.

2. Control: When it comes to tinting windows, having a varied temperature range that you can regulate can be beneficial. In this sense, a firm and comfortable grip is essential.

3. Safety: settings are essential for preventing damage to both yourself and the surface. Because such high temperatures are involved, features such as multiple nozzles, configurable settings, heat distribution choices, auto turn-off, and overload protection are required.

4. FanPower:Depending on the fan speed, you can cover a specific type of surface area. Having variable fan speeds can assist you with a variety of undertakings.

What are the advantages of tinting windows with a heat gun?

The benefits of adding window tint include:

1.Prevents the interior of the vehicle from deteriorating

2.UV rays that harm the skin are blocked. 

3.Keeping the glass from breaking. 

4.Your belongings are secure.

What is the Best Window Tinting Heat Gun

When it comes to window tinting, the right heat gun is essential. Consider the alternatives listed below.


The SEEK ONE Heat Gun is a powerful heat gun with two temperature settings: high (50-650 degrees Celsius) and low (50-450 degrees Celsius), with a temperature range of 120°F to 1200°F. 

This is an 1800-watt heat gun with airflow control, overload protection, and an ergonomic and comfortable grip that allows you to use it for window tinting depending on your grip requirements.Four nozzles for heat direction focused flow, and uniform heat dispersion is included with this heat gun.


  • It has two temperatures that you can switch between based on your project requirements.
  • It has a black dial on which you can adjust the temperature range.
  • Window tinting, candle production, warming tubes, removing bolts, and other projects are all possible with this tool.
  • Easy to use with a comfortable grip that prevents injuries and strain.
  • Four nozzles are included to ensure that the desired heat flow and direction are achieved.


  • There are insufficient grip possibilities.



The DeWalt’s heat gun features a temperature control dial that can be adjusted, two fan speeds, and two nozzles, making it ideal for a variety of domestic tasks. It also boasts a shock-resistant, sturdy shell, a 45-minute run duration every charge, and a comfortable contoured grip to alleviate fatigue after long periods of use. The tool is compact, light, durable, and simple to use. Between 120 and 990 ℉, it heats up quickly and consistently. It is simple to operate the cordless instrument. The tool’s circuitry prevents it from becoming overheated and catching fire. It also has a built-in pivot for added stability and a suspending ring for convenient storage.


  • Settings are written in small fonts that are difficult to understand.
  • It is unfit for industrial use.


  • It’s a little but powerful heat gun.
  • It has a lock-on button for convenience.
  • There’s also a switch trigger for manual operation.
  • It may last 45 minutes on a single charge.



The first item on our list is an electronically controlled heat gun with 1,600 Watts of power and a toggle to adjust the temperature between 120 and 1,150 degrees Fahrenheit. It also includes a user-friendly LCD. When the Outlet nozzle stays hot, the residual heat indicator notifies the user, and the thermal cut-out prevents overheating, ensuring worker safety. Adjustable heating and a powerful blower make the HL 2020 E an ideal choice for nearly any application. The HL 2020 E multi-purpose heat gun features double insulation, an easily changeable 6′ industrial rubber power cable, and a built-in mounting ring for convenient storage. It’s made for seasoned floor layers, electricians, and mechanics.


  • It’s a powerful heat pistol that can be utilized in the workplace.
  • It has a power output of 1600 watts.
  • It has a sleek, balanced appearance, a comfortable pistol grip, and an ideal weight balance for tension-free operation.


  • It comes in a cheap plastic container with no real partitions to keep everything organized.



The Principal Appliance A high-capacity workstation heat-shrink device, the 10008 Master-Mite Heat Gun is a compact, lightweight, flameless equipment that may be used for heat shrinking and a variety of other industrial applications. The heat gun has a 3.8 CFM output, is straightforward to use, and gives the operator accurate control. 

Small and light, Master-Mite Heat Guns are suitable for operations that don’t require a lot of airflows. They have an adjustable stand, a standard 650°F (343°C) heating source, and a heat shrink attachment, with maximum airflow rates of 3.8 CFM and 700 Feet per minute.

With a weight of roughly 28 ounces, the Master-Mite may be used with one hand for jobs such as vinyl repair or drying film without causing fatigue to the user the user may function with both hands-free thanks to the adjustable stand. The brushless prolonged motor’s quiet operation and low power usage (maximum of 4.5 amps) make for a quiet work setting. 


  • Because of the smooth running motors, it provides quiet working conditions.
  • It is a small and light device, weighing only 28 ounces.
  • It’s a heavy-duty benchtop heat shrink. 


  • It’s quite slow



The Worksite Cordless battery pack heat gun is a wonderful alternative if you want a cordless heat gun that functions just as well as those with a power cord. The heating element on this portable heat pistol can reach a maximum temperature of 1000°F.

It is a strong competitor to any professional heat gun on the market because of its capabilities. A device of this magnitude must be safeguarded. As a result, the device includes a foldable stand.


  • The heat gun has a lock-off button to prevent it from being accidentally activated.
  • It includes four separate nozzles that can be used for a variety of tasks.
  • It has a built-in LED that lights low-lit areas when functioning in a dark environment.


  • It doesn’t have a trigger-style switch
  • Battery life is very short.

Conclusion on Best Heat Gun for Window Tinting

A heat gun built for automotive use could make your task a lot easier. Avoid using a hairdryer to heat up to the proper temperatures, whether you’re buying equipment for your new tinting business or just trying to DIY your first tint job. All of our recommendations are appropriate for use in automobiles and are tailored to a variety of budgets.