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Everything you need to know about the D28402 4-1/2 Dewalt angle grinder

If you don’t have a Dewalt angle grinder, it’s one investment you will regret not to have when the occasion arises for its needs.If you currently have a car that has been in use for more than five years, there are times you have to work significantly on it to fix some issues. There is no way you can get this done without and Dewalt angle grinder. There is no doubt that there will be many signs of rust and tear as a result of continual usage of the car for some years under the conditions of heat, rain and sun. At such, bolts in the car will be in a tight seized position. Little wonder you can’t do without the [popup_product]Dewalt angle grinder[/popup_product] s every other tool in the world will fail you. The angle grinder can be used for different functions and you can be rest assured that it will get you out of every sudden mess.

There are several kinds of angle grinders in the market but not all of them will give you real value for your investment and save you so much stress. In going for value, the Dewalt angle grinder is one such angle grinders to go for as it trusted to give you real returns on investment. The [popup_product]Dewalt angle grinder[/popup_product] is a reputable angle grinder that will do the job perfectly for you without having any side effects on your arms or legs. It is worthy to note that price is not synonymous with quality as they are many angle grinders in the market that are pricey, yet are next to nothing in value as they cannot deliver in getting work done whereas there are others that are moderately priced, yet do wonders while working with them. Here, the Dewalt angle grinder comes handy as you will get premium overall performance from its use in comparison with its price. Irrespective of your status – whether you are a student, a parent, a working class professional, a craftsman, or a vocational worker, you will find the Dewalt angle grinder a very ideal, efficient, profitable and convenient tool to use. Before we delve into the reasons why the [popup_product]Dewalt angle grinder [/popup_product]is best for you, there is need for you to need the factors used in judging an angle grinder as on e of the best.


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What to consider when buying an angle grinder

  1. The purpose of its use.

An angle grinder is a staple tool provides efficiency and smooth finishing to tasks craftsman can easily do. It has found its extensive use in the field of construction, and car repairs. The use of this great tool has also be extended to the home front as it has been found to be very useful in the small and large tasks such as home maintenance. Its features also makes it ideal for the task of cutting materials as it can cut very heavy materials such as metals.

  1. What is the size of the disk

A typical angle grinder uses a disc mechanism to carry out its tasks. The size of the disk is very important as it plays a major role in the working of the angle grinder since it determines the degree of the results derived from its use. The size of the disc directly affects the area of coverage and depth of the disc of the material it contacts. The ideal size for a good angle grinder ranges from 4.5” to 7”.

  1. The speed

The angle grinder is a mechanical device with moving parts. The speed is another factor to consider in judging it as one of the best angle grinders. Its speed is calculated in Rotation Per Minute (RPM). The ideal speed for which a good angle grinder should fall under is between 2,000 to 11,000 RPM. The faster the speed the better the performance of the angle grinder as an angle grinder with a higher RPM will perform better. In choosing speed, ensure that the speed suits your needs and that it does not end up being detrimental to you. Compare the speed to the tasks at hand and make your right choice.

  1. Safety Features

An angle grinder comes with different inbuilt safety features depending on the concepts of the manufacturers. In determining the ideal angle grinder for yourself, look at the safety features it provides. You should look out for the lock, disc guard, guard and the clutch in determining your choice. The best of angle grinders have the best of safety features to give you the best output and experience when using them.

Why [popup_product]Dewalt angle grinder[/popup_product] is the best choice for you


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Without doubts, the Dewalt angle grinder is one of the best angle grinders at your disposal. With different testimonials from various users across the global testifying to its super quality, efficiency and performance, you will not want to look elsewhere in your choice for the right angle grinder to buy. The Dewalt angle grinder comes win different makes, models and superb features that will make you stay using it for life. The Dewalt angle grinder, specifically, the Dewalt angle grinder DW840K is reputable as the angle grinder with the largest grinding size of the 7 inches. Recall we mentioned earlier that the disc size is one of the factors to look out in choosing the ideal angle grinder. You need not be surprised to have Dewalt angle grinder as the best as it gives the largest disc size none other angle grinder will give. With this big size, you can easily work on larger projects without any constraints as you it gives you room for larger and deeper coverage.

Another key feature to note in the Dewalt angle grinder as being the best angle grinder for you is its speed. It not only has a good speed, but one of the fastest speeds among angle grinders you can ever think. With a RPM speed of 8,000 RPM, you are in for a very good experience as it will perform all the general tasks of an angle grinder. More so, in your use of Dewalt angle grinder, you are guaranteed of safety as the manufacturer put this in consideration while designing this speed for it.

The Dewalt angle grinder is rightly manufactured with the user in mind as it has not only a disc guard but one that is adjustable. This alone has made it to be a favorite angle grinder; hence the Dewalt angle grinder is being considered as the best angle grinder for you. Though this guard is moveable, it is not easily budged.  This is very commendable as lose guards can easily result to debris or production of sparks that might affect the users. Another feature in the Dewalt angle grinder that makes it user-friendly and the best is the adjustable handle position. This feature makes it very easy for the user to take more control when using it. This is made possible by the availability of two positions. This also helps to provide the user with comfort and convenience. Hence, it becomes very easy to move freely around when working with tasks.

An additional tool in the Dewalt angle grinder which is not obtainable in other angle grinders is the spindle lock. The spindle lock creates room for an easy wrench operation when users want to have the discs changed. This is a good feature as it creates an additional level of convenience to the users.

The Dewalt angle grinder gives you the best value on your money. It is a simple combination of the best features in any angle grinder with moderate price. It is best deal you can ever get in the market and it’s strongly recommended for every user. It is the budget solution you have been looking for. So, look no longer further in your choice for an angle grinder as the Dewalt angle grinder is the best choice for you. The quality level of which the parts are made of are of the highest to guarantee you durability without nay disappointment for a long period of years. So, you can use with assurance that it will not suddenly break up thereby causing you worry.

In keeping you protected in the course of using this angle grinder, the Dewalt angle grinder has been manufactured with a strong ejection system for dust. Any type of debris is kept away from the gear case.  If you a professional mechanic and money is not your concern in buying an angle grinder, then the Dewalt angle grinder is the best for you. If you are an individual on a budget and you want the best of quality and value, then you should go with the Dewalt angle grinder. Irrespective of your needs, status, and budget, the Dewalt angle grinder has been custom made to serve you.


You need not wonder why [popup_product]Dewalt angle grinder[/popup_product] has been long in use among individuals despite their social status or needs. The Dewalt angle grinder has remained the best among users of angle grinder as it has never failed to give optimum benefits and values to user. You will surely want to try it out. 

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