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Full review of the Bosch hammer drill GBH 18V 26F

This  Bosch hammer drill has been in existence for a very long time, finding great usefulness in carrying out tasks. There are many hammer drills available today that makes it very uneasy for one to find the one that’s most suitable. With the Bosch hammer drill, you’ve come across with the one that will suit you best. Traditional hammer drills have gradually given way to the more powerful and efficient cordless battery technology powered hammer drills.

The Bosch hammer drill is a hammer drill of its kind. It has got lots of features to give you the best pleasurable experience you can only think. This hammer drill will put all of the hammer drills in the market a run. One of the features of the[popup_product] Bosch hammer drill[/popup_product] that makes it perfect for consumer needs is its lightweight. This lightweight hammer drill is perfect for all kinds of small jobs you may have. So, if you will not be drilling large holes, the perfect tool for the jobs is the bosh hammer drill. It will surely do the drilling g job for you with perfection and neatness.

Review of the Bosch hammer drill

One of the most the pleasant elements about Bosch hammer drill is the very quick charge rate. It charges so superbly fast than all its contemporaries. There isn’t any cordless tool that charges within the time that the Bosch hammer drill does. The manufacturer even guarantees that it may recharge as much as 80% capability within 35 minutes, and of a truth, I have found this to be valid as I tested it and it proved positive. For me, as a matter of fact, they became fully charged within the time frame of 45 to minutes. The manufacturer also made the Bosch hammer drill one to fall in love with as the GBH 18V 26F comes with two batteries. So, you could put on one down even as the other one is charging up, letting you do a short switch when needed and crack on with the job. The batteries wore down quicker with heavier use, specifically while being used on masonry surfaces, which is absolutely normal. At some stages in the toilet and bathroom installation, the drill was used intermittently all day long on one singular charge and it proved sustainable as there was no breakdown in operation. On any other job in which we established eight radiators and needed to drill new mounting holes for each, we got five charges, as each wall was in brick nature. The portability of the cordless Bosch hammer drill made it worth the battery swaps. The technology used in the making of the Bosch hammer drill was not exempted in the batteries as the batteries that came with the kit also embedded CoolPack technology, which makes sure that the heat that is generated as a result of using this tool is immediately dissipated from the work area.  This technique helps in prolonging the lifespan of the batteries, thus giving it more durability advantage. It is amazing to know that the length of the lifespan of the battery as a result of this technology is 100%. Other features on the GBH 18V 26F battery of the Bosch hammer drill that are really cool include the inbuilt  LED lights that helps in the illumination of the work area, so you can comfortably work at night and in dark areas without any restriction. If you find yourself always working in poorly lit areas, you need not worry as the Bosch hammer drill has got you covered.


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A notable feature that users will find very attractive is the kickback mechanism that the Bosch hammer drill comes with. The kickback control is to ensure your safety while working with this tool. It is not uncommon to have drills getting jammed. But that can be put under check as there is a sensor in the kickback control of this tool that will immediately shut down the motor immediately it senses it. This will guarantee safety to the users while working with this drilling tool.


The Bosch hammer drill is simply packed with great features aside the battery. With an excellent and sleek design coupled with efficient, reliable, powerful and convenient features, you have enough reasons to invest your money in buying this tool. You will not get better with all of these great features in considering the fact that this cordless hammer drill version is as powerful as the corded one.

The Bosch hammer drill isn’t just an ordinary drill. In addition to the hammer drill itself, it has two additional powerful 5.0Ah Lithium-ion batteries, a stationary secondary handle for easy use, depth stop, a charger and a chuck for an easy change. This changeable chunk has become one of my favorites features on the tool among so many users. Hence, you should get one with the Bosch Hammer drill.


The speed of the Bosch hammer drill is one to contend with by its competitors. It is so powerful that it comes with an amazingly superb 7 amp motor that is capable of churning out work at the rate of 3,000 RPM. You can only get this type of speed in the Bosch hammer drill. This hammer drill is known for producing one of the best performance-to-weight ratio among popular drills in the market. It is so powerful that it this record is still valid for it as it is the best hammer drill among its equals. It also has a two speed selector mechanism that makes it easy for use and manipulation. The first position selector will help in high torque driving while the second position selector will help to crank up the speed to the capacity of 2,100RPM. The clutch is designed to provide you with precision when dialing your torque as well as affording you great control and the reduction of stripped fasteners.



This kind of speed will give you a great performance that is second to none. It is the best solution to conquer any concrete no matter how hard it might be. Its handle has been with ease of use and consideration of the users as it is designed to give zero stress while working with it. The handles of the Bosch hammer drill can easily rotate fully without any limitation to the capacity of 360 degrees. This helps in providing comfort, class and convenience to the users.


The Bosch hammer drill is your number one choice in the task of making holes – no matter how large or small in all kinds of concrete irrespective of their structure. Using the drill is very intuitive; all the controls are in clearly labeled. The clutch it comes with moves freely from one point of work to another and the little drill / screw driving / hammer photos on its top provide an excellent clue as to where to adjust the selector. The chuck appears and feels beefy, and is easy to work with. A great beautiful with the Bosch hammer drill is the fact that you don’t have to work with a chuck key while using it.

Features the Bosch hammer drill GBH 18V 26F

Kickback mechanism – reduces the hazard from unexpected rotational torque

– Precision grasp with 25+1 settings – presents driving accuracy for reduced fastener harm

– Upgraded all-metal chuck – for extra durability, alongside extremely good bit retention

– EC Brushless motor – green electricity that delivers 663 In.-Lbs. of torque and extraordinary runtime

– Brute Tough™ design – compact hammer drill that provides lots of strength

– Awesome impact-to-weight ratio – weighs just 5.five Lbs., (with 4.0Ah Battery) however grants zero-31,500 bpm

– Extremely good control – variable drilling speeds for high-speed (0-2,100 rpm) and high torque (0-480 rpm)

– Dura shield housing – can stand up to difficult jobsite conditions

– Sure-grip side-handle – helps prevent slipping and will increase control during use

– Ergonomic grip zone – gentle grip and advanced design permits better managing and more comfort

– Electronic Motor and cell protection – longer lifestyles in tool and battery, protects from overload

– Drill-location LED with feedback – illuminates darkish zones; affords device-popularity feedback

– Longer belt clip – for a greater comfortable control

– Battery Chemistry: Lithium Ion

– Battery Voltage: 18

– Battery/Charger: now not blanketed

– Chuck ability: 1/2″ Keyless Chuck

– Length: eight.03″

– No Load BPM: 0-31,500

– No Load RPM: zero-2,100

– Torque (in. lbs.): 663

– Weight: 4.1lb

– Width: 2.5″

– (1) Auxiliary handle

– (1) Magnetic 4x Bit Holder

– (four) Bit guidelines

– (1) Belt Clip

Conclusion on the Bosch hammer drill GBH 18V 26F 

If you have got some hammering projects at home, either big or small such as one that requires making holes in the walls, etc, your best tool for the job is the Bosch hammer drill as you will live to give a great positive testimony about its efficiency, power, durability, reliability, performance and comfort. As it is a trade mark of the manufacturer, the Bosch hammer drill comes with Bosch provantage. It is a protection package that ensures your safety and protection that has an extended coverage for 36 months. The Bosch hammer drill is a must have for you at home. Go get it now.


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