How Does A Nail Gun Work? Find Out!

How does a nail gun work? The nail gun uses compressed air to fire nails and it can be used with a variety of nail types. The compressed air is stored in a cylinder that has been pressurized with either an air compressor or an external source of compressed air, such as a portable air tank.

This causes the piston in the cylinder to compress and expel its stored energy to propel the nail out of the barrel at high speed.

In this post, we are going to discuss how much force a nail gun has and how the types of nail guns such as pneumatic, cordless, and electric nail guns work with and without a compressor.

Each type has its merits in terms of ease of use, power and ability to use them in any location. Each type also has its downside.

Does A Nail Gun Actually Shoot Nails?

Yes, the nail gun shoots nails. No, they don’t shoot nails from thin air. The nails are loaded into the magazine or clip. This is a device that holds the nail in place so that the nail gun is properly aligned so that it can fire the nail.

The capacity of the magazine varies depending on the type of nail gun, but it can hold 50 to 300 nails.

How Much Force Does A Nail Gun Have?

The rate of fire for nail guns or staplers is about 1000 feet per second.

In addition, the firing effect is comparable to a 9mm pistol, but the reaction force is not worse than a 230-grain bullet.

There are different types of nail guns, which can vary in output and size.

Some nail guns have multiple settings for the amount of force used to control the depth at which the nail is driven.

How Does A Pneumatic Type Nail Gun Work?

Pneumatic nail guns use the energy stored in compressed air to fire nails that are secured to the magazine. Compressed air is stored in the air cartridge.

Nail guns have valves that are triggered by a trigger. The valve controls the flow of air to the nail gun. The operator creates an airtight seal between the valve and the cartridge.

Pressing the trigger pushes air into the valve. The air then passes through a small valve called a nozzle. The expansion of air pushes out the nail.

What is the Best Pneumatic Nailer In The Market?

Answer:  Dewalt DWFP12231 

If you’re looking for the best pneumatic nailer kit, check out the Dewalt DWFP12231 Blood Nailer Kit, 18GA, 2 inches. This Dewalt construction nailer is the perfect product for all your needs.

The Dewalt DWFP12231 Brad Nailer Kit, 18GA, 2 inch is a powerful nailer with up to 2-inch dog nails with the help of sequential operation modes for a simple user experience.

The DWFP12231 can hold up to 18 gauge nails and is compatible with 5/8 “to 2i2”. It weighs about 2.65 pounds and comes with a belt hook for easy portability.

The nailer also comes with an adjustable depth stop for precise control, an indicator of when reloading is needed, and a rear exhaust to prevent contamination of the work surface. The nose tip is removable and can be used with other nailers!

The kit includes a carrying case that is easy to transport and store. Owner’s manual and removable nose tip.


  • The DWFP12231 is the perfect nail gun for any DIY user. It has everything you need to get the job done exactly and easily.
  • It has a Lightweight and easy to use design for max productivity.
  • Can hold up to 18 gauge nails.
  • The rear exhaust protects against contaminated work surfaces.
  • With a belt hook that is convenient to carry


  • Air hose is not included in the kit.

How Does A Cordless Type Nail Gun Work?

A cordless nailer is a tool powered by an internal battery. Lightweight and easy to carry, it is suitable for use in a variety of settings.

Cordless nailers have a magazine that holds the nails. This magazine can be loaded with nails before or after the device is powered on. Pulling the trigger on the device releases the nail from the magazine to the firing position. It fires when it is released again and sends a nail to the target object.

The power source for this device is either an internal battery or an external power source from the compressor.

Cordless nail guns use an air compressor like a pneumatic nail gun. It’s not as heavy as a pneumatic nail gun and is easy to handle. To use the nail gun, compressed air must be in the chamber. The trigger is then pulled and the tool expels the nail used to hit the material that needs to be nailed.

The advantage of using a cordless nailer is that you can operate the tool remotely without having to worry about tripping the cord.

What is the Best Cordless Nailer In The Market?

Answer: DEWALT DCN660B

Many excellent cordless nailers get the job done accurately and accurately. But we have nominated the best one that fits all your needs, and it’s the DEWALT DCN660B

The DEWALT DCN660B Cordless Finish Nailer is designed to be 100% battery-powered, so you can work without a compressor or air supply. This brushless model eliminates the need for compressors, hoses, or expensive gas cartridges.

This finishing nailer features onboard LED lights that are useful for both workspace lighting and tool diagnostics. Adjustable belt hooks are also included to aid access in tight spaces.

Tool-free jam release and adjustable drive depth allow for easy operation, and the lightweight design and inline magazine make it comfortable to use in multiple directions and tight spaces, such as when working under a sink. increase.

Compatible with all DEWALT 20VMAX * batteries, this tool is a perfect addition to our ever-growing collection of cordless tools.


  • It works without a compressor or air supply.
  • It comes with LED lights to help illuminate your workspace.
  • Tool-free jam release and adjustable depth make your work easier and keep you going without stopping.
  • Compatible with other Dewalt 20V batteries.


  • Batteries are sold separately.

How Does An Electric Type Nail Gun Work?

An electric nail gun is a tool used to drive nails into materials and surfaces.

The electric nail gun is powered by a cord or battery and uses an electric motor that drives the piston to push air out of the end of the barrel, then lower the barrel and drive a nail into the tree.

The design of the electric nail gun is simple and easy to understand. The device has a trigger that is pulled back and then released, driving the piston forward. This movement pushes air out of the cylinder and compresses the air in front of the cylinder. This pushes the nail out of the barrel at high speed.

What is the Best Electric Nailer In The Market?

Answer: NEU MASTER NTC0040 Electric Nail Gun/Staple Gun

If you are looking for a sturdy nailer, this 2in1 electric blood nailer is all you need.

The NEU MASTER NTC0040 does not use a compressor, hose or air, so it can be used in any setting. It can take nails from 1/4 “to 3/4” in length. Safety features include a locking trigger and pressure regulation to prevent accidental ignition.

The lightweight and compact design of this nailer is easy to use and highly efficient in a wide range of applications. This upholstered nailer is suitable for DIY projects of coniferous trees such as carpenters, picture frames, and installation of mouldings on door windows.

The NTC0040 is equipped with an ergonomic soft-grip handle to reduce operator fatigue. Adjustable power features allow you to control the power output from 0 to 5,000 psi.

The scratch-free nose features a rubber nose for a perfect finish, which also provides jam avoidance and anti-dry fire functionality.

Finally, the kit includes an electric (blood) nailer, a twin accessory kit, and a user manual, so you have everything you need to get started.


  • Safety features include a locking trigger and pressure regulation to prevent accidental ignition.
  • The lightweight and compact design make it easy to use in a variety of applications.
  • The NTC0040 is equipped with an ergonomic soft-grip handle for finer control over the tool.
  • Avoid paper jams and achieve efficient and maximum productivity.
  • The scratch-free nose features a rubber nose for a perfect finish.


  • Even with the jam avoidance, the nails can still get stuck.

Final Note On How Does A Nail Gun Work?

We hope you enjoyed the article on how nail guns work.

If you are considering using a nail gun for your workspace, you can choose from three types of nail guns in this article.

Make informed decisions about the three and get your nail gun today!