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Read this before you buy the Makita impact driver

A Makita Impact driver is a cordless driving tool used for tightening or loosing tough screws. It looks similar to a drill/driver but with a noticeable difference; instead of having a keyless chuck, it comes with a collet that accepts hex-shanked driver bits.

Explaining further, an impact driver is a power tool which delivers sudden, strong rotational downward force, often used by mechanics and engineers to loosen screws / bolts and nuts that may have been frozen or over-torqued.

The Makita impact driver is what we I’m considering in this article. This will be a well detailed comprehensive guide for everyone trying to buy any [popup_product]Makita Impact Driver[/popup_product].

 This tool (Makita impact driver) is built specifically to carry out one job which is driving screws, and it does that faster & easier than any other power tool. Impact drivers have the capability of driving long, large fasteners, not excluding fat lag screws that would stall the very best drill/driver.

 Generally, impact drivers use both concussive blows & bit rotation to power-drive screws through thick and dense woods. In use, the direction of the force of an impact driver can be reversed in situations where screws are being tightened with torque greater than a screwdriver.

 Is Makita Impact Driver a corded or cordless impact driver?

 Makita Impacts drivers are cordless / digital impact drivers, capable of doing any driving job efficiently and effortlessly. They do not need the external force acting on them before they could perform any driving job.

 A manual impact driver consists of a heavy outer sleeve; this surrounds an inner core splined to it. The spline is usually curved so as to help absorb more force when the user strikes it outer sleeve with a hammer, the downward force produced as a result of the strike works on the spline to produce turning force on the core and any socket or work bit attached to it.

 They translate heavy rotational inertia of sleeves to a lighter core so as to generate large amounts of torque.

 Makita Impact Driver

What to look out for? Since there are no much variable functions between most power tools irrespective of the company, always check out for the accessories packaged together with the tools.


There are certain things that will make get addicted to a Makita impact driver, some of which includes; a quick-change chuck, LED light, belt hook, etc.

 Far from being sleek and attractive, [popup_product]Makita impact drivers [/popup_product]are built to last long. They are more durable compared to their counterparts.

 A Makita impact driver is the perfect tool for individuals in need of a driver that can handle even the toughest jobs. With a Makita impact driver, you drive in bolts, screws, and other long fasteners at ease, and also it can serve the purpose of drilling holes when necessary.

 Why you should buy a Makita Impact Driver? 

  • It uses Li-ion batteries which charges fast, they charge within 30 minutes at most and yet last longer
  • They are light-weighted; you’ll surely not get tired quickly while using this tool.
  • You can choose between regular slim packs and longer-life fatties.
  • Size matters; The sizes are quite normal

Apart from these highlighted facts, below are the core reasons to choose a Makita impact driver.


  • RPM
    although any cordless impact driver can produce more RPMs than a standard drill while working on heavy-duty jobs, the efficiency of Makita power tools is unmatched to none. And like we know, the higher the RPM, the faster the tool drives.
  • Torque
    The significant major difference between a cordless impact driver and a standard drill is the amount of torque generated by the tool. The more torque generated determines the effectiveness of the tool and also reduces stress for the operator.
  • Attachments
    Makita impact drivers come with lots of important tool attachments; this is most important to framers and carpenters.


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An impact driver with screw and nut driving attachment sets will work and serve more purpose than just an ordinary mono impact driver.


  • Brushless Motor Technology


If you’re looking out for a real tool capable to last for thousands of work hours, then you must consider brushless technology as a crucial feature. Most Makita impact drivers come with this technology.


  • Adjustable / Electronic Clutch


Before you buy a cordless impact driver, check out for this important feature. Top-rated cordless impact drivers come with this feature an every Makita impact driver packs this feature.

The clutch controls the amount of torque sent to the fastener which helps to prevent damaging of the screw head or hardware. An electronic clutch will automatically reduce the inflow of power and torque if the driver jams with an excessive resistance while engaged.

Clutches keeps you fully in charge while you work, especially when woodworking or applying finishing touches on the hardware of cabinets, doors, windows, etc.


  • Keyless Chuck


Keyless chucks are the standard in most Makita power tools. They allow making quick adjustments / readjustments as you work.


  • LED Lights and Indicators


LED light features are increasingly the most look out feature on impact drivers. Makita impact drivers come with LED-indicator meters through which they indicate battery life.


  • Battery life


Every Makita impact driver comes with Li-ion batteries, which are quick to charge and last longer.


  • Size


Makita Impact drivers weigh less than some the cordless impact drivers. They are portable and easy to carry around. In use, the operator can use one hand to carry this tool effortlessly.


  • Versatility
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Cordless Makita impact drivers vary in their uses. You can easily convert them into impact wrenches for heavy-duty fastening jobs.

 Pros of the Makita impact driver:

  • Drives screws through curious materials with concussive blows and more torque.
  • Prevents wrist strain because it’s doing more work
  • Drives long screws with little effort
  • Does not strip screws.
  • Easy to fit into tight spaces due to its slender slim body.
  • Long lasting batteries.


Makita utilizes the latest power tools technology features to engineer the best power tools in the world with industrial-quality, highly durable and light weighted. Their tools are compacted, sleekly crafted with stunning body designs.

Many professionals trust and rely on Makita extensive power tools and accessories to get a job done right and with no much hazes.

Makita impact drivers have become increasingly popular due to their advanced brush less motor technology, a technology which helps to produce lots of power in a compact tool while reducing overheating. Also, Makita tools pack encouraging battery lives and are relatively cheap. Makita impact driver ranges from 7.2V to 18V and they are all powerful tools 

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